SPC_5thE_REV_1 - CopyNew updated 5th edition


‘A Workbook for Screenwriters’

124 pages • ISBN 978-0-9639177-5-1

By W.L. Davis, Jr.

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How does successful writers, put out more work in one month than you do in a year? Successful writers are disciplined and set writing goals and schedules. Screenplay Companion makes this possible for every writer,  with tools to help START and FINISH your work. 


  • WHAT IF?: The WHAT IF…  plants the seed of an idea for your story.
  • STORY: Take that seed of an idea and write your SCRIPT, NOVEL or PLAY.
  • BREAKING STORY: Like a Writer’s Room, YOU break down your story.
  • 3 ACT STORY BOARDS: Using Post-it-Note®  Move your scenes around easily.
  • WRITER’S JOURNAL: Your thoughts, Research, Character traits, and more.
  • CHARACTERS: Who are they? What do they want? Internal and external.
  • CHARACTER RELATIONSHIPS: How do your characters relate to each other?
  • MAJOR SCENES: Write down your critical scenes, plot-points, misdirection & more.
  • SCENE ANALYSIS: Once completed, analyze each scene. KEEP it or CUT it.
  • THE HOOK: Develop the first 10 pages that will hook your audience.
  • CHARACTER OBSTACLES: What obstacles stands in the way of your character?
  • LOCATION: Where does your story take place? What is the tone? The Time Period?
  • SCRIPT SUBMITTAL LOG: Track your SCRIPT submissions.
  • CALENDAR: A variable calendar designed to start ANY time of the year.
  • WRITING SCHEDULE: Organize your writing life.
  • WRITER’S ASSIGNMENT: Collaboration or for formal writing courses.
  • And many more tools to help you turn out great work. 

Let Screenplay Companion and organize your writing life.