About Us

W.L. Davis a graduate of Cal-State University Long Beach Film School.

Worked in the Film/TV industry since 1978, various shows… Hart to Hart, Dark Angel, Wanda at Large.

I’ve written many scripts, throughout my career, for various producers and projects. Currently working on ‘Hollister’ A Western that breaks with tradition.

Screenplay Companion came about in 1989 when I was fed up with loosing notes to my stories. So I developed a workbook for screenwriters that would keep all their notes, research, history, character bio, plot, structure and other elements to their stories.  Using Post-it® Note, in Breaking Story, ACT I, II, III, STORYBOARDS, makes it very easy to mix and experiment with scenes.

Screenplay Companion has made it possible for many writer to finally organize their work.

Published in 1993, Screenplay Companion has been the writer’s tool for more than 20 years. Unlike the many HOW-TO-WRITE Screenplay Books on the market, Screenplay Companion is a ‘ROLL YOUR SLEEVES UP and let’s get to work book.’ It is the companion book to the how-to-books.

A spiral binder makes it easy to write  in small areas. And it is much easier to carrying Screenplay Companion around than a computer… plus it doesn’t need batteries.

Plan Your Work… Then Work Your Plan!